How to Protect your WordPress Website from DDOS Attacks?

  • Category: PHPDots 
  • Written by: Meet Rathod
  • Date: May 30, 2022

WordPress is one of the most popular Content management systems and is widely adopted by small and medium scale businesses to create a web presence. Though WordPress is feature-rich and easy to manage and host, it is still susceptible to some risks and a WordPress DDoS attack is one of those issues which the sites […]

Top Trending Ideas for Mobile App Development in 2022

  • Category: PHPDots 
  • Written by: Meet Rathod
  • Date: Feb 10, 2022

Post-2020, there has been a significant change in the socio-economic sphere of the whole world. The lockdowns, restrictions, and shutdowns have affected various spheres of human activities across the nations. It has affected the way we used to live our lives and engage in professional activities as well as leisurely time. On one hand, it […]


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